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What is "Cloud Hosting"?

The term Cloud Hosting has been a prominent reason on the computer world. If you're reading this expression the first time,know that this technology is not new and in fact you already part of it even without knowing it.

For example, surveys conducted in the search engine Google (and other services provided by the same company) work in a distributed computing infrastructure (cloud) that people use when surfing on their local computers.

What is Housing in a Cloud?

By using powerful virtualization systems, the Housing Cloud, allows such resources can be increased according to the immediate needs, or make a migration from one server to another, in a very simple, practical and fast way without downtime.Alojamento in a Cloud, Housing in The Cloud ensures that your site will be online, with fewer failures of availability, because unlike the housing systems "normal",your data is not housed on a server but in the redundant structure of processing and storage units, able to respond quickly to a serious flaw.

nevitably, CiberConceito is preparing its offer ofhousing services in theCloud, either at the level of simple Web Housing, either in more advanced services such as virtual servers (VPS)..

Soon we will have more information about hosting plans and virtual servers in the Cloud.


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