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2,71 € / month

11,90€ / month
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Windows Virtual Servers in Portugal

With a Virtual Server (VPS) you can offer more demanding services that are not possible in normal shared hosting.






RAM 512 (Mb) 1024(Mb) 2048(Mb) 3072 (Mb)
Disk Space 20 (GB) 40 (GB) 80 (GB) 120 (GB)
Monthly Traffic 200 Gb 400(Gb) 800(Gb) 1200 Gb
Backup FTP 10Gb
40 Gb
Included IP's 1 1 2 3
Monthly Cost* 39.90€ +VAT 59.90€ + VAT 89.90€ + VAT 124.90€ + VAT
Activation * Free Free Free Free
Root access
Data Center Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal
Heated room
Power Assisted (UPS and generator)
Hardware Warranty
Availability 99,95% 99,95% 99,95% 99,95%
Technical Support (1)
Buy Buy Buy Buy

* Only annual payments.

(1) technical support by e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Maximum response time of 2 hours during office hours.

Optional Control Panel Cost
Plesk 100 Domains + 24.00 €  / Month
Power Pack (1) + 39.00 € / Month

(1) The "Power Pack" is a set of applications that includes Plesk: SpamAssassin, Application Pack (with over 30 applications for installation at customer sites), Helpdesk, Tomcat, ColdFusion, and PostgreSQL


The virtual server performance may decrease when configuring too many sites in one virtual machine. The client must pay attention to server features and requirements of each configured domain and can always make their upgrade to match their needs.

A virtual dedicated server share processing resources with other virtual servers, with a guaranteed minimum resources in order to not allow a single server to consume all available resources.
Most of the time, a dedicated server CPU is not being used. With virtual servers you can use all the processing power of a server with a Xeon processor whenever it is not being used.

The servers are in a climate-controlled, assisted with energy and fire detection systems.

All the hardware is guaranteed and are carried out safety tests on all equipment.

If you need as a virtual server and can not find here what you want, we can build and configure any type of server. Please contact our Sales Department for a free quote.

Extras Activação Custo
Management / Monitoring Server (1) 25,00 € 24.79 € / Month
Additional space 10Gb free 10.00 € / Month
256MB Additional RAM free 10,00 € / Month
512MB Additional RAM free 19,00 € / Month
DNS Replication 25,00 € 19,00 € / Month
IP's adicionais free 2,00 € cada / Month
Additional Technical Support (2) free 30,00 € / Hour
(1) Server Monitoring: This service includes:
- Monitoring client server, the level of resources and processes.
- Installation of monitoring software accessible by the graphical client.
- 2 hours a month for installation of applications requested by the customer. (Not cumulative if not used). Additional hours: 30 Euros / hour.
- Intervention to reboot if necessary.
(2) In virtual dedicated servers, technical assistance is provided only on matters relating to the operation of the machine. Assistance to set up sites on the server may be taxed as an extra. In the case of our intervention is necessary due to damage caused by the customer in software pre-installed will be charged the hourly rate above. For more information about this topic, please contact the Commercial Department.

All values are in Euros and do not include VAT.
The values and characteristics on these tables can be changed without notice.


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