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Web Hosting
2,71 € / month

11,90€ / month
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Virtual Stores - E-Commerce Accounts

Place your store on the Internet. Create a Virtual store and manage it through "Web Browser" in aquick and simpleway.

We offer a solution that will allow you to make all the product management, pricing, promotions, news, customers and orders, among other options, using only your "Browser" (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

Key Features

  • Simultaneous change in prices of various products.
  • Affiliate System
  • Discount coupons and gift vouchers
  • Shopping cart continuous (not terminated when the client leaves)
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Customer information online
  • Possibility to sell products by "download"
  • Shipping and Tax Calculation
  • Feedback system on products
  • Historical Registration orders registration
  • Several payment methods available (including Paypal for payments with credit cards)
  • Several shipping modes available
  • Simple and fast product search
  • Organization of products into categories and subcategories

You can find an example of the store

Choose an E-Commerce account and create your shop on the Internet. All accounts include e-commerce software installation and maintenance of the Virtual Store during the contracted period..



2 3 4
Disk space 1,5 GB 3 GB 6 GB 12 GB
Monthly Cost 15.56 € +IVA 17.61€ +IVA 23.76 € +IVA 43.02 € +IVA
Half-yearly Cost 85.23 € +IVA 97.53 € +IVA 134.83 € +IVA 232.76 € +IVA
Yearly Cost 154.07 € +IVA 178.26 € +IVA 249.98 € +IVA 413.85 € +IVA
Activation Fee  24.99  € +IVA
 24.99  +IVA  24.99 +IVA  24.99 +IVA

You can find other characteristics of housing in Europa Range

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The characteristics and values ??in this table may be changed without notice.
For questions, please contact our Sales Department.
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