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Conditions for the Provision of Service Web Hosting Internet

1. Purpose

1.1. These general conditions are intended to establish the terms and conditions that govern the CiberConceito - Hardware and Services, Uni. Ltd (hereinafter referred to only by CiberConceito), this service Customer Service Web Hosting on the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the Hosting Services). The Special Conditions shall be agreed in each case, between you and CiberConceito, case by case.

1.2. The Housing Service includes accommodation information on the Internet by Customer CiberConceito, as well as the provision of ancillary services subscribed by the Customer in the Schedule, or later, upon written request made to that effect to CiberConceito.

1.3. The terms in the Special Conditions, if any, prevail over the provisions of these Terms, and on these prevail any additional provisions written specifically agreed between the Customer and CiberConceito.

2.Types of Web Hosting Services

2.1. The Hosting Services may be provided in the following categories:

a) Without you check the registration of a Domain Name Private Client, in which case a field of CiberConceito used.

b) On the registration of a Domain Name Private Client, in which case the CiberConceito deal with the process of registering the Domain Name with the competent authority.

2.2. The hiring of accommodation, either in one or another mode, gives you the right to housing information according to the type of account signed by the Customer in the Schedule.

2.3. Housing information corresponding to a higher number of Mb of those who are defined under the previous paragraph an additional payment by the Client to the amounts set CiberConceito list price on the date of finding, in accordance with clause 8th.

2.4. The non-use by you of the totality of megabytes of information that hired pursuant to paragraph 2.2 above is your sole responsibility, not giving you the right to claim CiberConceito any reduction or discount on fixed price.

3. Rules and restrictions for housing sites

3.1. CiberConceito servers and the domain / site and / or account e-mail client can not be the source, intermediary, or destination address involved in the transmission of "spam" or "mail-bombs" via email. The CiberConceito considers "spam" all commercial email (UCE) Unsolicited (UBE) in the medium of newsgroups, in faxes, and e-mail.

3.2. If the Customer hosting account is involved in activities of "Spam", the CiberConceito reserves the right to immediately and without notice, suspend the Hosting Services. The CiberConceito reserves the right to refuse or cancel accounts "spammers" known as well as determine who violates this policy.

3.3. Sites that include pedophilia or other illegal content as well as sites that link to such sites (links and directories) are banned in CiberConceito servers.

3.4.They are also banned in CiberConceito servers, sites that promote illegal activities, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination, sites that may be harmful to servers CiberConceito or any other server on the Internet, sites that promote illegal software or software for sending mass e-mail over the Internet. They are also forbidden sites that link to this type of content (links and directories).

3.5. Are not allowed on the servers of CiberConceito programs or scripts as X windows (running the startx), BNC, IRC, IRC bots, eggdrop, BitchX or Bitch, as well as any scripts or programs that may try to take root servers or that may create problems for any reason in them. They are also allowed to chat scripts in Java.

3.6. Are not allowed on the servers of CiberConceito programs, or scripts, which can cause problems with correct operation. This restriction also applies to programs that can use resources exaggerated CGI, MySQL, PHP, ASP, Sendmail (SMTP), Java and / or RAM.The CiberConceito reserves the right to deactivate, immediately and without warning a program that can be in these conditions or to suspend the Hosting Services to Customer.

3.7. Links PERL and PHP to MySQL should be recycled, ie, the respective scripts should include at the end of a command to terminate the connection. For all Perl scripts should end with, for example, the following command: $ dbh-> disconnect ();. The scripts in PHP to MySQL connection should be closed with the commands: mysql_close (); or mysql_close ($ dbh) if $ dbh is pointing to an object of connection to the database. You may not use persistent connections (eg "pconnect" PHP / MySQL) to databases. The CiberConceito reserves the right to deactivate a script that is not in these conditions or to suspend the Hosting Services to Customer.

3.8.The accommodation on the servers of CiberConceito sites for accommodation of pages free systems, free email, websites, software distribution, distribution of videos or music, or any other content that could undermine the proper functioning of the servers, requires authorization expressed by the CiberConceito and may be required to pay additional amounts, depending on the resources used.

3.9. Any violation of the provisions of the above provisions may result in immediate deactivation of the Housing Service without notice or refund, the Client may also be responsible for payment of compensation for damages.

4. Codes

4.1. CiberConceito The Customer assigns a personal identification code (username) and password (password) for access to the services provided under this contract.

4.2. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, it is up to you to define the terms and conditions of access of users indicated by you to the services provided under this contract.Customer must ensure compliance by those of this contract and is liable to CiberConceito and any third party for acts done by them in this area.

4.3. Identification codes and passwords are personal and not transferable and is for information and exclusive use of the Customer, the Customer shall ensure at all times and protect the confidentiality of data, including not disclosing to third parties not operating under conditions allow their decoding and copying.

4.4. The CiberConceito not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the abusive use of identification codes and passwords.

4.5. The Customer undertakes to identify where the access to services with the particulars of which have been assigned by CiberConceito, pledging not to use, in any case, the identifiers assigned to other customers.

5. Customer Obligations

5.1.In addition to the provisions of paragraph 3, the Customer also undertakes not to use the Hosting Services for purposes contrary to law, namely not to use this service to make the disclosure may harm the integrity or any moral rights or other interests of others or to convey information which could be qualified as a practice and / or incitement to commit criminal acts, contrary to law or public order, and any information whose disclosure would or should for any reason be illegal.

5.2. Where information is to house may be regarded as containing an advertising message, the Customer undertakes to comply with the standards listed in the Advertising Code and other applicable regulations.

5.3 Upon submission of the request for activation of account the customer is required to make their payments, according to clause 9.

6. Responsibility

6.1. By making the first payment, the Client expressly acknowledges and agrees that:

a) The services to be provided by CiberConceito under this contract are limited exclusively to provide a physical support to the Customer for lodging information, CiberConceito unaware of the content of information stored, which is the sole responsibility of Customer.

b) The CiberConceito not be liable for (i) damages that are attributable to the Customer or any third party, (ii) resulting from the fulfillment of decisions of judicial or administrative authorities or (iii) resulting from the verification of cases of force majeure or that is, situations or extraordinary nature unpredictable and outside the CiberConceito that it can not be controlled (such as fires, power failures, wars, riots, earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters, strikes or other uncontrollable situations by CiberConceito).

c) The CiberConceito does not warrant that the Hosting Services will be uninterrupted and can not be held responsible for any inability to use the accommodation services, including the level of service interruptions, problems sending and receiving electronic messages (emails) , Internet connectivity problems, unauthorized access to servers CiberConceito, problems related to DNS cache servers, and problems related to congestion of information transfer on the Internet.

d) If you will subscribe to the service of registering a domain name, the CiberConceito just merely submit this registration with the relevant authorities. It will not be in any way responsible for examining the feasibility of the applications submitted by or as granting or otherwise of the domain names requested.

6.2.Any liability of CiberConceito, including, without limitation, any damage caused or alleged by any failure of performance, error, fault, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications failure, theft or destruction by any unauthorized authorized changes, use of recordings, whether for breach of a contractual clause, dubious behavior, negligence, or any other cause of action, will be strictly limited to the amount paid by or on behalf of the customer to CiberConceito this month.

7. Suspension of Service

7.1. The CiberConceito reserves the right to suspend Web Hosting Services in the event of default by the Customer of any of the obligations under this contract.

7.2. Under the provision of accommodation services, the CiberConceito not be liable for loss of data / information that may result from the suspension of service for accommodation in the event of default by the Customer of any of the obligations under this contract.

8. Prices

8.1.The price payable by the Customer Service CiberConceito the provision of accommodation and ancillary services subscribed to are those resulting from the price list in force, presented in our pages.

8.2. The CiberConceito reserves the right at any time to update the price list referred to above.

9. Payments, Billing and Collection

9.1. All payments must be made to CiberConceito in advance for the period of the Hosting Services to which they relate. The invoices / receipts will be issued after payment. The CiberConceito does not issue invoices in advance.

9.2. The Accommodation Service will be held in accordance with the provisions of Clause 7 if not the payment of the Service, the Customer, as indicated in the preceding paragraph. By making the first payment the customer is shown that under these conditions.5 (five) days after the suspension of the hosting service, and if not, however, made the payment, the account will be completely cleared of accommodation servers CiberConceito.

9.3. Under the provision of accommodation services, the CiberConceito not be liable for any loss of data / information that may result from the suspension or cancellation of Hosting Services for non-payment.

9.4. In case of delay attributable to the Customer, CiberConceito the amounts due and will charge interest on arrears calculated at the applicable commercial rate, and may concurrently suspend the provision of service under clauses 7 and 9th.

10. Resolution

10.1. Either party may terminate this contract in case of default or defective performance of any of the other obligations under these Terms or applicable private.

10.2. The resolution operates automatically on the date of receipt of written notice to that effect, sent by one party to another, citing the reasons.The same have retroactive effect, except the right of getting CiberConceito receive any monies owed to her by you and the interest.

11. Online Hiring

11.1. You may terminate this contract within 30 (thirty) days after the commencement of the provision of Hosting Services. The resolution does not give the CiberConceito the right to any compensation, and this only required to return to the Customer within 30 (thirty) days, the amounts paid by it hereunder, the fees deducted from their payment processing .

11.2. The CiberConceito reserves the right to refuse to open or close accounts accommodation without having to justify the reason leading to this decision.

12. Entry into force

12.1.This Agreement shall enter into force when the subscription request to activate an account and lasts for a period of 1 (one) month, 6 (six) months, or 12 (twelve) months depending on the type of account you choose, automatically renewing for equal and successive periods, unless terminated by either party in accordance with the following paragraph.

12.2. Either party may at any time, terminate this contract by notification to this effect, sent to the other party with at least 30 (thirty) days, the expiry of the initial term or one of its renewals.

12.3. Termination of contract under the preceding paragraph shall only take effect from the date of their knowledge, and no matter the right to any compensation or any other compensation.

12.4 Termination of the contract takes effect even if it was extinguished from the retroactive effect.

13. Changes

13.1.The CiberConceito reserves the right to change the technical conditions of provision of accommodation services, without the authorization of the Client, provided that such changes do not involve additional costs for the same.

13.2.Qualquer change, except for the updates referred to in clauses 8.2. and 14.2. shall be communicated to the other party in writing and subject to their express agreement.

14. Communications

14.1. For the purpose of performing service in connection with legal proceedings aimed at the fulfillment of financial obligations arising from this contract, the parties agree the address given on the application form on-line unless another has been clearly stated by the customer to CiberConceito.

14.2. The Customer undertakes to notify the CiberConceito any change of address indicated on the application form online, within 30 (thirty) days, failing which the Customer is considered served at the address originally indicated.

15. Law and Jurisdiction

15.1.This contract reflects the agreement of both parties being applied to them the rules in force in the Portuguese Republic.

15.2. The declaration of invalidity of one or more clauses of this contract no matter the invalidity of the same total, but only the (s) clauses in question.

15.3 For the resolution of any dispute between the parties shall be the competent court of the district of Porto being waived any other. The losing party shall bear all costs arising from such litigation, including attorneys' fees that the forensic other party may have resorted to enforce their rights.

16. Epigraphs

16.1. The lepigraphs of the clauses are just guiding the content of these, not binding the parties in any case.


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